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Challenges in our industry today 
This will take a few minutes to read, please invest the time.  I know, I know you are very busy.  
It will only take a few minutes.
When I speak at events, I am often asked "How do I know if I am making what I should?" OR "I am not sure if I am making any money?" 
So, at first blush, one would think that the answer is only related to how to charge.  The answers are much more complex than just "how should I be charging?"
Other coaches talk about getting what you are worth.  The bigger questions are
  • What are you really worth?
  • What will the market bear?
  • How do you measure your worth?
  • How do you convey your worth to clients?
  • Where are the clients & how do you get your fair share?
More questions that keep us all up at night are:
  • How should you look at your business?
  • What is important to you?
  • Do you love what you do? & is that enough? 
  • Is this turning into a hobby?
  • How will you support yourself?
  • Can you invest in yourself, if so, how much?
  • How important is it to focus on the business end?
  • Where are the clients that need your services & how do you find them? 
  • Do you have the right tools? The right skills? The right resources?
  • Are you talented enough? 
Where does one go for help? There are many places to find help. Let me offer one...I may not have all the answers, however, I know how to get them.  These workshops are a direct result of the questions we all have had about the business side of our industry.  
I know you are all committed to doing a great job for clients.  Committed to beautiful work.  But is your "backroom" as beautiful?
In order to grow, you have to invest your time & your money in your business.  Here is a list of ways to keep on top of things: 
  • free webinars - invest your time
  • ceu's seminars - invest your time & also your money
  • workshops - invest your time & also your money
  • coaching - invest your time & also your money
  • hard work - invest your time
  • hire help - invest your money
  • research - invest your time
See what I mean? There are no secrets & no easy one-line answers. Just like good design, we all have to plan well, do the research, put in the time & do the work.  You also have to have a support team.  Without a solid foundation, your business will stall. 
Where is your support team?  Of course, the 1st group would include your family & friends.  Then the 2nd group includes a good bookkeeper &/or CPA, banker, contract lawyer & marketing firm.  3rd group should include an ongoing education plan & your coach or mentors as well.  And the last groups are vendors &, of course, clients.   
So, now, where do we start?  Let me help you sort through...
  • the rules & regulations in California that keep our business whole
  • the software application options & technology that run the business 
  • how to manage numbers that we all hate but represent how we are doing
  • Excellent documents to close business & purchase products for your clients  & more
I can help make sense of it all!
Over the years, designers have come to me for help
Now I am coming to you to offer my help
I ask myself why was my business thriving when others were not? The only answer I have is that I run it as a business first to make those hard business decisions daily with tools available to all of us. You can do it as well!
  • I can not promise after one seminar, your phone will ring with that great, high paying client
  • I can promise that when that great client comes along...
      -  you will be prepared to close the business
      -  be organized
      -  be ready
      -  and, more importantly, understand & improve your bottom line
My suggestion is that before you make a decision to ignore any workshop or educational offering that is not free, please think about investing in at least one & then make your decision.  I want you to thrive!   
See you soon,    Diane
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