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  • There are tons of free webinars that will give me everything I need! 

  • I know what I am doing 

  • I have a great degree from a great school

  • I will hire a bookkeeper because I hate the numbers!

  • I have a second income

  • I have been an interior designer for ages!


Well, that is all well & good, however, we all need help now & then.  With the internet, HGTV & inspirational web sites like Houzz, Facebook, Pinterest & the rest, our business has taken a turn.  


  • How do we position ourselves in this new environment? 

  • How do we fit in if we are a new firm vs an established firm? 

  • Do we invest tons of time in social media because "everyone" is doing it? 

  • How do we market? 

  • Where are our clients? 

  • What resources should we use?   

  • How should we be communicating with our vendors & clients?   


So, we have to work harder, smarter & need the best business tools.  Now, more than ever, our business practices & documents should be in order to close the solid business that crosses our desk. 


If you invest half as much time on your back room that you currently spend on social media marketing, I will guarantee that you will be ready to make good business decisions that will do nothing but improve your business. 



I love this business & have been fortunate to have started during better times.  I continue to have a great business & want to share the tools that have helped me.  I want our industry to thrive & designers & their work to be valued. That is why I am investing my time in these workshops for you.  


Don't you often wonder... where can we get specific help for our industry... & is it affordable? 


My coaching program is a one-on-one program from a designer that has run a very successful small business & developed business solutions that continue to work. 


If that is what you are looking for, then join me & together we will grow your business!


Sign up for a complimentary 1/2 hour phone consultant

with me to assess your needs for a brighter business future!




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